Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Loans are short-term loans ranging anywhere between 3 weeks and five years. Such loans carry a higher interest rate since licensed money lenders: – are flexible and do not follow strict lending criteria which are followed by banks.

The most vital element of a loan deal is the very speedy sale value of the property. Licensed money lenders are also mindful of the fact that if the borrower defaults, the have access to this property so that the hard loans will be structured up to about 70% of the property’s quick sale value. Other factors are present that will figure in the structuring of a tough loan and its interest rate:

Whether the borrower can repay How much risk is involved with the borrower The present strength of the real estate market The type of applicant that should apply for a hard loan and when to apply for it

Experienced real estate investors who stay on top of the market might wish to take a tough loan when they see a chance that is profitable. Entrepreneurs that have a lucrative offer but no bank finance may be able to obtain a short-term hard loan to take advantage of the opportunity. The ones that buy homes for the purpose of renovating and selling them at a higher cost might wish to get a hard loan to fix up the house. Anyone that wishes to flip property can purchase foreclosures or other cheap homes and sell them quickly are also considered hard loan candidates. Buy-to-let property investors are able to look into such loans if they have low credit scores.

The borrower positively has to read all of the terms and conditions of the loan and do so in a careful manner to make sure all the various costs associated with the loan does not eat away at the profits can make taking the loan out not worth it.

The borrower of a loan from licensed money lenders definitely should invest the ideal amount of time required to look at the real estate market before making any purchases or taking out a loan. If a crash is a possibility, the strategies to take out a loan should be tweaked accordingly.

There is nothing wrong about a hard loan – the truth is the rate of interest on a difficult loan is only a slight bit more than the interest rate on a credit card. A hard loan can lead to using a terrific opportunity or tackle a very hard situation, and for the mature and responsible borrower that’s not getting a loan from a conventional source, it may be best to go for a hard loan.