Smart Wall Switches and Circuit Breaker

We all need a smarter way to handle all of the electrical and electronic equipment in our house. The working principles of smart wall switches and the wifi circuit breaker will be explained in the article. This information is very helpful in achieving the goal of making your home a smart one. Both of these two devices are controlled with a microcontroller. Moreover, both of the devices are made with a branched structure that drives many devices with a microcontroller as root memory. A smart wall switch uses many RF transmitters as taps. The user interface of these two devices is completed via an Android app. These apps that run on a smartphone can connect to a microcomputer via WiFi. Multiple wifi circuit breakers from various rooms can be added through the app.

Working Functions of a smart wall switch

You can also turn the switch on as a widget in each room to see a live simulation. A network of smart wall switches in the home will indicate automatically whether the network is active or inactive. The app offers efficient power management by showing the user which connections are unnecessarily activated. This helps to reduce costs and save energy. The device uses wireless transmitters to communicate with each other. Using the same transmitters, these devices connect to the home network. This way, a user can easily access various intelligent functions via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, the user can access his/her app via WiFi. However, this widespread communication standard isn’t always the method individual switches correspond with each other. Smart home technology uses many different types of frequencies and transmission protocols, the most common of which are WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave. In general, these different communication standards can be divided into three main segments.

The wireless switch can be installed on any surface, is portable, and can be used as a remote control. The wireless method eliminates the need for holes, boxes, and cables in the wall.

They are battery operated and magnetically mounted on existing switches. The switch can then connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and be controlled by Alexa, Google Assistant, or the Switchmate app itself. Pressing a switch turns the light on. However, you can now control the light with your smartphone from a distance of more than 100 feet. However, the highest controlling distance depends on your home layout. You can also choose to have them come every night or regularly during the holidays to stop potential thieves.

Working Function of a Smart WiFi circuit breaker

Smart WiFi circuit breakers are various types of devices such as water pump motors, electric heaters, electric water fountains, air conditioners/refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, fans, etc., which are installed far from the device location via smartphone. It can be used to control and protect valves, etc. A Smart WiFi circuit breaker provides protection against overvoltage, short circuit, overload, and overvoltage.

Each intelligent circuit breaker contains an Arduino Uno R3 (ATMEGA328) microcontroller system. The system takes and analyzes the voltage and current samples of the load and disconnects the load if the voltage or current exceeds the allowable value. Earth currents can also be detected because the current values ​​are obtained from both wires of the power line by calculating the difference. When the event occurs a triac is used to disconnect the load. To make these switches “intelligent” and provide an internet connection to report status and recorded events, each device has an Arduino Uno microcontroller connected to an ethernet or Wi-Fi screen. One of these interfaces allows the device to send HTTP requests to a URL that is the API point of the Web Data Concentrator server, which processes incoming messages from all SCBs installed in different locations.

The Intelligent Circuit Breaker Data Hub is similar to the Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) Data Hub, which collects energy consumption data from household electricity meters, which are typically based on wireless or powerline technology.

A smartphone can have access to all smart circuit breakers in your house with an APP. Not only in a home but also these breakers can be used in IPS, tower tools, outside lighting. Many companies use these circuit breakers beside power supply in the office i.e. in mountain facilities, field engineering, and road lighting management. In modern days, it is preferred mainly because of Remote control i.e. controlling by a smartphone app from anyway. Hence, all you need is a smartphone that must be connected to the internet.

Then the breaker can be controlled via an application that is free to download on Android and iOS. Like other smart devices, it is also compatible with Alexa, Google Home, etc.

A good Smart WiFi circuit breaker should pass a Professional EMC test. A Professional EMC comprehensive testing ensures that the circuit breaker can operate with a safe and reliable communication process. Don’t compromise with the quality of a circuit breaker as a poor circuit breaker can’t detect short circuit conditions. A quality smart wifi circuit breaker should be built with an anti-jamming chip in order to expand the stable transmission as well as Wi-Fi reception signals. These properties also help to restrict clutter interference. Moreover, a Smart WiFi circuit breaker can tolerate high impact and withstand voltage. This can enhance the life of equipment under an overpressure situation too.

You can find the maximum voltage the circuit breaker can withstand in the box. Your Smart WiFi circuit breakers should have a big mechanical life. A good Smart WiFi circuit breaker nevertheless manages to keep good operation even after 10 years. You should always buy a circuit breaker from a reputed electrical company. The reason is, prominent electrical companies complete rapid transient burst immunity tests, surge tests, electrostatic discharge tests, etc. on the circuit breaker before selling a circuit breaker in the market.