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Customer relationships management

Why CRM Is The Next Big Thing For Businesses

Customer relationships management (CRM) is considered one of the aspects that determine the success of any business. However, most businesses tend to overlook CRM because they feel it is time-consuming, which is not the case. Businesses that have embraced CRM perform better than those that are yet to do so. Here is why CRM is...

loyalty reward programs

The Importance Of Loyalty Reward Programs in Singapore

For any business, the ability to keep its customers is key if at all there is to be an increase in profit margins. Statistics show that it costs a business considerably more to acquire a new customer than it costs to sell to an existing customer – up to 25 times more. As a result,...

CRM Strategy

Grow Your Business with the Right CRM Strategy

Most of you had seen that when the last year’s business plan work very well then it is very vital to update that plan for this year. Businesses are constantly considering to evaluating new way cutting costs, because fewer cost lead to greater profit. Some companies fail to make potential revenue during evaluating cutting costs....

CRM Program

What is CRM Program?

Do you have a business? Then you should know how important your customers are. For any business customers play a vital role as they are the ones who decide whether your company stays in the market or not. So, maintaining a good relationship with your potential customers is a must. Their satisfaction is what pays...