Outdoor Lights

Summer is on the way, and you must think about spending most of your time sitting outdoors. If you love to relax in the backyard of your home and arrange parties for your friends, then you should decorate this.

Whether you are looking for smart outdoor garden lights to decorate your home or for safety, here, you will get the right solution. Some people decorate these lights to highlight their home’s architecture while some for other reasons. Here you will get some help in choosing the right outdoor lights.

Are you looking to purchase the outdoor lights?

If you are looking to purchase outdoor lights, then you have to consider a few things. By decorating these lights in the backyard of your home, you can create a unified look. People purchase these lights to add security and safety for their families. Make sure about the color of the lightning fixture & its durability.

It would be best if you also considered the style of your home & the right wattage. The outdoor lighting provides extra protection to your property when it’s dark. No matter which type of light you need to decorate your space, you can invest in the right platform by following the below-discussed points.

  • Choose according to the location

When you visit Singapore to shop for outdoor lights, you should consider a few things. First, consider the location where you want to install the lights. Different types of lights are suitable for different places.

If you are purchasing lights for the exterior wall, then wall scones could be the best choice. Before purchasing the light, you have to learn the right ways to pick the right lights.

  • Choose your fixtures

Before considering to purchase the outdoor lights, check the size and position of your fixture. You can use the paper template to determine the exact size. The size of the outdoor wall light should be one-third the height of your door. Choose the wall lights that are manufactured with high-quality and weather-resistant materials.

  • Choose according to the size

Location and size are the most important factors you have to consider. You should choose the lights that are equal to the proportion of your house. Sometimes a fixture can appear gigantic and vibrant, but when you visit in-front of that, then it looks small and insignificant.

Outdoor lighting should be visualized when you view it from a long distance. If you are looking for the post and fence lightning, then choose the bigger one. So, check the size and position of your fixture before purchasing outdoor lights.

  • Choose an outdoor light according to the style

You should also consider the style. When you visit to choose the lights, you have to match the light with your home style. Complement the surroundings of your home with modern and traditional lights. There are a plethora of styles that you can choose from.

It says about your personality. If you create a modern and contemporary look, then choose the modern style of light. But when it comes to traditionally decorating a space, decorate it with traditional lamps. You can use some victorian copper & brass lanterns to create a classic style.

  • Choose according to the controls

You can choose lights according to the mode of operation. You can select the outdoor lights that have motion sensors. You can trigger this by movements, and that’s why it is primarily used in the pathways. These are ideal lights for security reasons. You can also use dusk to dawn lights automatically turned on or off with the sun’s rising & setting.

It provides a hassle-free & convenient mode of lightning. If you have a low budget, then you can choose the lights that need to switch on or off manually according to the preference. If you are looking for lights that automatically minimize the glaze and brightness, go for dark sky lighting.

  • Choose according to the brightness

The brightness of the light depends upon the light. If you are looking for a low light fixture, then purchase the lights that provide low voltage. To get more brightness, choose high voltage bulbs.

  • Choose according to the area

While purchasing outdoor lights, you have to consider the area you want to cover. You can choose garden lights, patio & decking lights. Generally, garden lights are used to illuminate everything from flowers, shrubs, and trees. These are perfect lights to enhance the large space.

If you are looking to shed light on your patios and decking areas, then you can choose lights according to that. If you are looking for the lights to brighten the pathways, driveways, and other access areas, then go for the driveway lights.

  • Choose according to the function

While going to purchase outdoor lights, make sure about your preference. Choose lights according to their function. If you need a light that offers brightness to a wide range, choose security lightning, wi-fi flood lights, and bollard lights.

You can also install lamp posts & bulkhead lights for better protection. When it comes to the decoration, then choose the wall lights, lanterns, and all.

  • Choose according to the events

If you are looking for outdoor lights to decorate, choose the event. If you are hosting a small get together party, then you can choose the colour-changing lights. Otherwise, you can choose the party lights. To decorate the plants, you can purchase shrub and tree lights.

  • Choose according to the power source

At last, you should check the light’s power source. This is an essential factor that you should consider. Check whether you can move the lights according to your need or you have to install them permanently. You can choose the solar lights and battery-powered outdoor lightning as per your requirement.


When it comes to outdoor lighting, the first thing you have to consider is safety & security. Correctly install the lights by hiring the agents. Choose the right bulb that can meet your expectations and get a better space for relaxation.