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Capital Loan in Singapore

Is Getting SME Working Capital Loan in Singapore a Good Idea?

In this article, we are going to provide some knowledge. This information will definitely help you out with the purpose. What is the SME Working Capital Loan? There are many types of capital working loans. The primary purpose of applying for is to get financial assistance. This is for all the newly developed business. The...

Maid Insurance in Singapore

10 Situations Where Maid Insurance in Singapore Can Help You

The estimated number of foreign domestic workers work in Singapore is nearly two lakh and fifty thousand as per the Ministry of Manpower. A considerable number of domestic workers work for the houses in Singapore, and they need proper insurance and security for their health. Most of them come from Indonesia and the Philippines and...

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation- A Loan Impletion

Debt Consolidation is known for the procedure of Refinancing, in which a person takes out a loan to pay off the previous loans, liabilities and another consumer. It generally involves a debtor and a creditor who convey their loans using favourable payoff terms. This payoff terms include lower interest rate or lower monthly payment. In...

Tuya Smart News

涂鸦智能Tuya Smart News

2021智能照明百强企业榜揭晓,涂鸦智能引领生态健康发展 8月3日,在广州国际照明展览会(光亚展)上,国内首个聚焦智慧照明行业的权威榜单——2021阿拉丁神灯奖智能照明百强企业榜正式发布,得邦照明、佛山照明、雷士照明、意博高科等百余家知名照明企业上榜。涂鸦智能大市场及战略合作副总裁兼CMO那竞丹、华东大区总经理林天准、华南大区总经理陈涛等嘉宾为获奖企业现场颁奖。 【千家网】2021智能照明百强企业榜揭晓,涂鸦智能引领生态健康发展 打造全场景智慧照明,涂鸦智能亮相2021光亚展 8月3日,第26届广州国际智能照明展(以下简称:光亚展)隆重开幕。作为亚洲照明及LED产业的风向标,光亚展汇聚了智能家居、智能照明、电工电气等领域超过2000家参展企业同台亮相。 全球领军IoT企业涂鸦智能(NYSE: TUYA)携涂鸦商照SaaS、智慧家居照明App等解决方案亮相光亚展,并举行“涂鸦日”活动,共同探讨智慧照明行业发展新机遇。 本次展会上,涂鸦智能模拟室内、屋外两大照明场景,将全屋智能照明引入现场。互联互通的室内外智慧照明场景,让观众最大程度感受到智慧生活的舒适便捷。 【千龙网】打造全场景智慧照明,涂鸦智能亮相2021光亚展 【搜狐】打造全场景智慧照明,涂鸦智能亮相2021光亚展 先发优势结合中立生态,涂鸦智能打造飞轮生态 近日,IoT Analytics发布了最新调研数据,虽然全球面临新冠疫情的影响,但2020年最终企业用户对IoT解决方案的支出依然增长了12.1%,总支出达到1289亿美元。 新冠疫情在一定程度上给各行业进行了一次市场教育,很多行业已感受到了数字化转型的重要性,因此未来数年,企业用户对于IoT的支出会加速增长。 IoT Analytics预测,各行业数字升级的加速将带来对IoT支出持续增长,预计2021年企业用户对IoT的支出将增长24.0%,到2021年底企业IoT支出将达到1598亿美元(约合1万亿元人民币);预计2022年至2025年期间企业用户对IoT支出的年复合增长率达到26.7%。 【金融界】先发优势结合中立生态,涂鸦智能打造飞轮生态 【东方财富网】先发优势结合中立生态,涂鸦智能打造飞轮生态 IoT“芯”未来在何方?涂鸦智能“替芯计划”解决缺芯难题 近日,英特尔首席执行官Pat Gelsinger预计,全球芯片短缺问题要到2023年才能得到缓解,他在接受媒体采访时表示:“我不认为芯片行业的供需关系能在2023年之前会恢复正常。” Pat Gelsinger的观点是当下科技行业的共识,全球芯片困局已经持续超过半年。全球“缺芯”到底到了什么程度?光天化日之下,就连劫匪都打上了芯片的主意。据香港文汇报报道,6月16日下午,香港街头上演了一场“芯片大劫案”,一物流公司运输的价值约500万港元高价芯片被劫。 数据咨询机构Strategy Analytics技术服务副总监Sravan Kundojjal在形容缺芯的严重程度时这样说到:“几乎每个行业都受到短缺的影响,前沿芯片和成熟节点芯片都存在不足。半导体短缺致使几乎所有公司的营收都受到了打击,例如,由于供应短缺,苹果将在2021年第二季度损失30亿至40亿美元的收入;三星由于2021年第一季度得克萨斯州的暴风雪,也损失了非常可观的收入;成熟的节点芯片出现了巨大的容量紧缩。目前,业内大多数公司预计半导体短缺将持续到2023年。” 【东方财富网】IoT“芯”未来在何方?涂鸦智能“替芯计划”解决缺芯难题 【搜狐】IoT“芯”未来在何方?涂鸦智能“替芯计划”解决缺芯难题 【金融界】IoT“芯”未来在何方?涂鸦智能“替芯计划”解决缺芯难题 告别内卷涂鸦智能“超级工厂计划”赋能智造工厂数字转型 告别内卷 涂鸦智能“超级工厂计划”赋能智造工厂数字转型】围绕“超级工厂计划”,涂鸦智能将提供三大赋能——以智能产品、智能产线、智能生产为核心的“超级制造”能力;以设计、营销、服务等为核心的“超级供应链”能力;以厂区能源管理为核心的“超级应用”能力。借助三大“超级”赋能,涂鸦智能将帮助开发者打造超节能、超高效、超智能的超级工厂。 【东方财富网】告别内卷,涂鸦智能“超级工厂计划”赋能智造工厂数字转型 涂鸦智能上市后首份财报:Q1营收同比增长200% 强网络效应凸显 5月14日,IoT云平台涂鸦智能(NYSE: TUYA)发布了2021年第一季度财报,这也是涂鸦智能今年3月份上市以后发布的首份财报。财报显示,涂鸦智能第一季度实现营收5690万美元,同比增长约200%,远超市场预期。 从营收构成来看,IoT PaaS仍然是涂鸦最核心的营收来源,报告期内实现营收4980万美元,同比增长约227%;SaaS及其他收入为230万美元,同比增长约224%。 第一季度,涂鸦的整体毛利率从去年同期的30.3%增长至41.1%,其中,IoT PaaS的毛利率同比增长11.2%至41.7%。 【东方财富网】涂鸦智能上市后首份财报:Q1营收同比增长200% 强网络效应凸显 涂鸦智能重构传统产业新价值 |聚焦 首先,IoT技术能否带来新用户流量,其次这项技术能否大幅提升产业效率,第三是不是能创造全新用户体验的智能产品或场景。“如三项条件全部具备,则为上品,‘蓝色’最纯,‘红色’消失;三具其二,中品,是‘深蓝浅红’;三有其一,虽为下品,但智能化实际上也已开始影响这个行业。” 【华尔街见闻】涂鸦智能重构传统产业新价值 |聚焦

Payday Loan Interest Rates Singapore

Payday Loans – Understanding Payday Loan Interest Rates Singapore

Sometimes people find themselves in a financial dilemma, with a dire need of some fast cash. 1 solution that people turn to when they are faced with this dilemma is a payday loan. A payday loan is a short-term loan, usually two weeks in length, with an extremely higher payday loan interest rates Singapore. This...

elder care planning

Who’s Too Old To Plan His Long Term Care?

If you know of anyone who hasn’t completely understood long term elder care planning for elders and therefore has yet to work out a good plan, be kind enough to guide him or her to the experts.If that person is your mom or dad, uncle or aunt, you will definitely recommend her to someone who...

CRM Strategy

Grow Your Business with the Right CRM Strategy

Most of you had seen that when the last year’s business plan work very well then it is very vital to update that plan for this year. Businesses are constantly considering to evaluating new way cutting costs, because fewer cost lead to greater profit. Some companies fail to make potential revenue during evaluating cutting costs....

Serviced apartments singapore

Serviced apartments for luxurious relocation to Singapore

Serviced apartments Singapore monthly have become quite popular nowadays. Largely, the local population of Singapore considers the service apartments for their short/long term stay requirements. The city Singapore is a congested city, attracting a huge number of tourists. Often, finding accommodation in hotels, lodges of Singapore at significant locations, becomes extremely difficult. This problem is...

motor insurance Singapore

Choosing the best motor insurance Singapore

Choosing the best motor insurance is a good thought for any motorcycle owners in Singapore. This insurance can cover for doctor’s expenses coming about because of motor collisions, and can as well cover the repair costs. Further more, motor insurance can likewise cover for any remarkable loans. indeed, if you apply for a motor loan,...

Retirement Home Cost

How Much Does Retirement Home Cost?

When you choose to retire in your single-family house for a retirement home, you won’t need for choices to look over; there are many retirement home costs. However what will probably be the integral variables are the services you wish to get and the month to month rate you wish to pay. To enable you...

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